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Delicious ice cream in 1 minute and only 2 ingredients. This You have not tried. Channel With Relish.

►Subscribe to the channel “Relish”, like, comment and include alerts about new videos. Thank you and Thank You so much!!! – Ingredients:Cold milk – 50 ml. frozen Bananas – 200 g.Enjoy your meal from Relish!Soft homemade ice cream in just 1 minute. Very tasty, quick recipe ice cream at home. You do not need any special. devices. Ice cream turns out very tender and delicious. Try it!►Can also watch another video channel with Relish:Prepare the first time. They are always little. Snack of the day. Channel With Relish. Cheese scones (scones) with the taste of pizza with sausage and cheese. Channel With Relish. – Delicious, crispy cheesy tortillas yogurt in the pan! Channel With Relish. Cake without baking for 15 minutes. Cake bird’s milk soufflé – Cooking Turkish delight. A Turkish recipe for Turkish delight/how to make at home. Channel With Relish. – Unusual cold cake without baking with pineapple. Cake…? – Cook the cake Anthill. Recipe cake “Anthill “without baking for 15 minutes + the time to pre – Cook banana muffins. Very simple and quick recipe. Channel With Relish. – Prepare a roll of “Bounty”. Very delicious and quick bread recipe without baking. Channel With Relish. – Subscribe to►Juicy VK – ►Juicy Instagram – ►Relish Classmates ►Juicy Yandex Zen Channel friends – Express gratitude:* for the FUTURE – * Cooking & Recipes & Tips – * Best recipes * VIDEOSEMINAR VIDEO RECIPES * Cooking with us! Cooking | Recipes * Video Recipes | Cooking * Culinary house * Good hostess – * Cook | Recipes * Cooking * Cooking Cooking Food Delicacy Recipes * culinary Masterpieces | Bon appetit – * Best budget recipes cooking – baking * Dinner at Lussat•Simple and delicious recipes – * Recipes cooking * Full cooking | Cooking, recipes – Source: Смачно @ Youtube.

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