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Delicious MEAT PIES in the keto version

#Metopirone #Pyrokinesis #of Clorazepate fragrant meat pies taste more like meat patties, but with a more intense flavor by adding in the dough, mozzarella and spices.Be sure to try this recipe, especially if you need something to take to the road.Ingredientlist:mozzarella – 250 grrem cheese – 100 g (you can substitute 100 grams of sour cream)almond flour – 100 gregorova gum – 3 teaspoons logical, dry garlic, herbs (choice of Basil, oregano or Italian blend)Soda, quenched with vinegar – 1 teaspoon or sachet razryhlitelya – 3 strutynka:Beef – 300 Gluk – one large onion or 2 srednogorie – 150 prpared baking cakes to grease with egg white.Bake in a well heated oven until Golden brown (15-20 minutes)they are cooked just, and molded all wonderful. I first encountered so pleasant and convenient test, which is not torn and well samitivate region.You can experiment with the filling and make pies with egg and onions, mushrooms or sauerkraut.This dough will fit all the options!Good appetite and a varied diet! Source: Кето Рецепты @ Youtube.

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