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Delicious potato salad / Potato salad Recipe with cucumber and bell pepper

Share a recipe for Potato salad with peppers and cucumber.Ingredients:potatoes – 500g.,Cucumber – 1pc.,Sweet Bulgarian pepper – 1 PC.,Green onions to taste,Lemon juice – 2. spoons,Vegetable oil – 3st. spoons,Salt to taste.Preparation:Potatoes boiled in salted water and a little cool. Cucumber peel and cut into long bars. Pepper peel and cut into strips. My onions and finely shinkuem. Potatoes peeled and cut into elongated bars. Mix all the ingredients. In a separate container, mix lemon juice, vegetable oil, salt, and sent it to the vegetables. All mix well.The salad is ready.All a pleasant appetite. Source: Готовим вкусно с Юлией КоСер @ Youtube.

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