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Delicious Soup with Meatballs in the Pot. Picadilly Soup. Prepare Children.

Today I cooked soup with meatballs in the pot.The soup turned out delicious, light but filling.Ingredients :1 Onion – 12 Garlic – 2-3 зубчика3 butter – 20гр4 Potatoes – Carrots 2шт5 – 1шт6 Tomato – 1шт7 bell pepper – 1шт8 Salt, favorite spices.9 Tomato paste – 1tbsp.10 Вода11 Greens .For the meatballs we used beef mince, onion, salt, spices and one egg. Soup was cooking in the oven for one hour. 10 minutes before cooking I added two tablespoons vermecelli. All a pleasant appetite. Source: Artur Star @ Youtube.

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