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Delicious strawberry tart | Recipe strawberry pie

Cooking delicious strawberry tart. The video will show you how to prepare tasty strawberry pie (tart) with fresh strawberries and a delicious custard.For us it is the most tasty the next day, when impregnated with a cream and therefore the cooking process I usually divided into two stages:First, prepare the tart and fill it with cream,and the next day – the strawberry puree, jelly and decorated with fresh klubnichnoe, of course, and to do all at once, whatever you like.Dough:Flour, 300 gr.Drain oil cooled 180 gr.Powdered sugar 120 gr.Egg 1 PC + 1 deltocephalinae flour 30 gr.Lemon juice, chilled 1 tbsp a Pinch of salt, vaniline:Milk 200 mlakar 0,5 staganation oil 50 gr.Eggs 2 pieces White chocolate 40 gr.Flour 1 incomplete St spoon (5 gr.)The starch 1/3 Cup socialistychna puree:Strawberry 150 gr.Powdered sugar 2 tbsp For decoration:Jelly 200 ml + fresh Strawberry 550 gr.For making almond flour need 30g of almonds pour boiling water. When cool, peel (comes off very easily)Peeled almonds dry in the oven and grind in lovemacedonia to the channel, comment, would love to hear Your feedback and suggestions! Have a nice view and delicious results of Your preparations. Source: Самый Вкусный @ Youtube.

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