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Delicious!The simplest recipe!Brownies!!!

Ingredients:Dark bitter chocolate — 200 slivochnoe oil — 250 geiza chicken — 4 pieces Sugar — 100 gmuca — 100 prigotovlenie:1. You must melt the chocolate and butter on very low heat (I personally do not like to bother with the water bath, each time trying to circumvent this process). The main thing here is to be vigilant about stirring and watch as soon as everything has dissolved and mixed, you should immediately remove all from heat. If you let the mixture boil, it will be permanently damaged. Removed the chocolate-butter mixture from the heat and leave to cool slightly, at this time, whisk the eggs with the sugar and flour, beat to a foam is not necessary.2. The resulting mixture was mix thoroughly with a whisk and pour into the baking dish. Form of grease is not necessary. Most importantly its okay to tap out on the table to burst the air bubbles, otherwise the brownies can swell unevenly. My favorite shape for this cake — Teflon 20*20 cm 3. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes. This time I got distracted and it slightly perepela. To check the readiness of the cake with a toothpick does not make sense, it needs to be slightly moist inside. In the photo, the brownie is already upside-down on a plank.4. I keep brownies in the fridge. Because of the abundance of oil in the composition and structure he reminds me more cake, so leave it in the heat is not desirable. I love chocolate cakes, and this cake can be for a couple of days without anyone’s help :)5. And, of course, brownie I like to drink warm milk. I like this cake, so that variations on its theme you can think of a whole bunch! I love to add nuts, but still very tasty with a cherry. You can do with it what you will-invented according to your preferences, and not doubt that it will turn out delicious!!! Sometimes you need to pamper yourself small pleasures, because they make up our life :)Enjoy! Source: Вкусный лайфхак @ Youtube.

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