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Dessert in 5 minutes, muffins in a mug, Magic Recipe, no-bake cherry 2019!

a Dessert which is ready in 5 minutes in a mug, it’s just a Magical Recipe from the Magical Kitchen. Without Baking!Quick and easy desserts!A Magical Dessert!Products:cherry – 1 steinbacher chocolate – 4 pieces (can be any)sweetened condensed Milk – for oily kusumita – 3. Lokichokio (any) – for ucraineana on the fan a bit =)the Dessert for 5 minutes, muffins in a mug, Magic Recipe, no-bake cherry 2019!A beautiful and delicious dessert does not have to consist of any unusual or expensive ingredients. If cherry is included in the list of berries that you like, prepare it a quick cherry dessert with chocolate chip cookies.How to make quick cherry dessert with chocolate chip cookies:Ripe cherries wash, remove the tails, cut Each berry in half and remove the seeds, Chocolate chip cookies cut with a knife into small pieces. To crushed liver pour a few tablespoons of condensed milk. How to add condensed milk, decide for You.Now you need to put the dessert in a bowl. The first layer is made of biscuits with condensed milk.Cookies pour sour cream.On top of the sour cream pour half of chopped cherries. Then repeat layers in the same order: biscuits with condensed milk, sour cream, cherry.Cherry sprinkle with pieces favorite shokoladom all. A quick dessert of cherries with chocolate chip cookies ready.Call Gostepriimnogo appetite!Sweet tooth put a finger in verypolite and what is your most favorite dessert.Until next time kisses to everyone #dessert#nudeart#disarticulate#chocolate#chocolate#sexybride#volshebnaja#recipes#cherry#pyrogasification flapjack Recipe homemade Chips for Tea Eggs inside ://Шашлык of lamb Source: Волшебная Кухня @ Youtube.

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