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Dessert in a glass CHERRY

Dessert, glass of CHERRY. Ingredients: cherries, pitted – 3 stmed – 1 samolaco – 1 storag – 180 Gretna – 0, 5 STADA – 0, 5 steelton – 30 gresli you want to lead a healthy life, then subscribe to our channel and cook along with us! The channel presents recipes that are not harmful to health, and at the same time very tasty. Today’s recipes are few and far between, but once in three days to channel out new videos, so this will change soon! The recipes we have both simple and complex. The purpose of my channel is to record all the recipes that my mom knows ( and even invents itself ). All my friends like them very much. As you have seen, the leading channel – my mother, Galina Gubanova. Mother is a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, so her recipes as useful as possible, and if harmful, it is minimal 😉 ( in that case, if you eat too much). :))))))))))Thank you in advance for supporting our channel!5363542307680737 card of PrivatBank, +380963807321 – kiwi, WebMoney – R162452461090, Yandex 410019002976572 Source: Вкусно и полезно. @ Youtube.

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