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Dessert PP in 5 minutes.Recipe of delicious dessert PP

Hello.Welcome to my channel.This dessert is just BOMBER!!!Try it,you will not regret! INGREDIENTS;Banana-1pc.Peanut butter-2 tsp Hazelnuts-200g.or(peanuts,walnuts,sunflower seeds, etc.) Chocolate milk-40gr.Chocolate-40gr.Milk-1H.l.(the chocolate was more fluid) PREPARATION;pre-melt the chocolate in a water bath.Banana cut in half and again in half.Coat the inside of peanut butter and roll in crushed hazelnuts.From top to pour the chocolate.Put into the refrigerator for 10-15min. Bon appetit. The COUNCIL;Chocolate you can use only the bitter,all to Your taste.I don’t really like dark chocolate so I mixed it with milk.Add milk or not depends on your chocolate.I got a shock.the pasta turned out very nustim so I diluted it with milk.Just add a little!Don’t forget the dessert needs to stand in the refrigerator for at least 10min(will harden the chocolate),and not get ahead of time .You know,it’s hard to resist)) Source: Сакор Tv @ Youtube.

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