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Diet Brownies Gluten-Free Lactose-Free Without Eggs

diet recipes — #Edgar #dieticheskaya #PP #pravolineynaya you prepare a diet brownie, finally, I have succeeded. The way it should be, juicy, wet, chocolate. I do not count calories, but this brownie has decided to calculate. Look at what the calorie content compared to traditional and even diet brownie I’ve ever met on the Internet KBZHU 219.87/6.13/11.33/24.69 BUT KBZHU regular brownie 467.1/5.7/.30.4/42.4 But it KBZHU diet brownies that I met on the workout channel on YouTube 269/4/7/52В so delicious, not too kalloriyno, without gluten, lactose and eggs, it is necessary photometrical:360 g cooked chickpeas 20 g coconut сахара100 g chocolate 80% 30 g of carob 30 g coconut oil 220 ml almond молока100 g frozen cherries 20 g coconut муки50 g gluten-free mixes ( you can take the rice flour 25 gr rice flour 25 gr of green buckwheat Hope you like diet brownies in our recipe.Bon appetit!Website — Group on Facebook — the Public in instagram — the channel in the telegram. – – – Source: Еда и Фигура @ Youtube.

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