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Dinner in 20 minutes

DINNER at 213 RUBLES .Really dinner in 20 minutes. As we love Mushrooms (crossroads) and cream (globe) took action.P.S bacon for frying.●Bought: •Bacon, 1 pkg.( 89 rubles)•Mushrooms-200g.(42 rubles)•Cream 10%- 200ml.( 32 rubles)•Cheese, 50g(~30 RUB)•Onion-1/2pcs( 3 rubles)•Pasta – 1/3 (about 17 rubles)●Bacon I cut into small pieces, fry over high heat until tender( about 10 minutes( without oil)). Excess fat which is separated from the bacon, drain, bacon spread on a napkin to left too excess fat. Fry the onion until Golden brown and add the mushrooms, fry until cooked on medium heat (12-15 minutes). Next, add the cream and over medium heat bring to a thick. Add the bacon, cheese and mix well, spread the pasta and stir again. Top can save your favorite greens.Have a nice view ❤Author @alex__glos#dinner #pasta #cheese #bacon #cooking #of Mojada #of eded #recepti_for_inst #Goodies #sweets #taste #lunch #recipes #recipe #food #delicious #cook Source: Recepti_for_inst @ Youtube.

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