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DONUTS SUSHI ¦ SUSHI RECIPE Japanese cuisine Lovers

NICE VIEW, REPOST, PUT LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO my CHANNEL FRIENDS .Ingredients:Rice – 150 hugor – 20 avocado – 20 hicra masago – 10 Kungut black – 5 gloss – 20 takuan – 20 hogares – 20 ukrop – 2 hamlet Tamago – 20 gimber – 15 Gluk green – 5 krivetki salad – 15 GW cooking, as in life, fashion dictates the trends of modern tastes. Today’s trend – sushi-donuts. This form is different from the usual sushi rolls not so much the taste as the look. Sushi master Timur offers to try a trendy dish and shows how to make sushi in a traditional round doughnut with a hole in the middle. Timur uses silicone molds and there lays the cooked rice for storage. One portion of sushi is enough to make three donut. Use the following ingredients for sushi:• avocado, meat sea smoked eel, grains of black roasted sesame seeds, caviar Masago fish for the first donut;• salmon meat, regular cucumber, Takuan (pickled Daikon radish), finely cut dill for the second land;• pickled ginger, thinly sliced omelette, Tamago, green onion, salad shrimp – in the third donut.Watch how to make sushi in an unusual form: learning from the sushi masters of Timur. All products must have a slim structure slices or small parts that a slight hand push to connect with rice. Hanging of the end products cook cut to size.On the plate is built the picturesque colorful composition of three sushi rolls. Fans of Japanese cuisine should make a trend a tasty dish. Source: Будьте здоровы Живите богато @ Youtube.

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