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easy chocolate truffles recipe | chocolate truffles

CHOCOLATE | CHOCOLATE | CHOCOLAT RU | ENG | FRочень easy recipe for delicious chocolate truffles! all you have to do is mix the ingredients (well, still use the microwave) INGREDIENTS: *approximately 10 pieces 90g dark chocolate (tiles 70%)150 ml cream 30% (the fatter the better)20g butter malovanyy cocoa (to roll)METHOD:1) melt the chocolate in the microwave 2) add vanilla in сливки3) while stirring, add the cream in шоколад4) add the butter to the chocolate and again размешать5) remove the chocolate mixture in the fridge, so she froze (approximately 2 hours)6) to form balls and roll them in kakavas!INGREDIENTS:*for about 10 truffles 90gr dark chocolate (1 bar 70% cocoa)150ml heavy cream 20gr buttervanillin or vanilla extract cocoa for rolling the trufflesCOOKING:1) melt the chocolate in a microwave 2) add some vanilla to the cream3) pour the cream into the melted chocolate mixing it4) add the butter to the chocolate and mix it again5) put the chocolate mixture into the fridge to freeze it a bit (for about 2 hours)6) form a round shape and roll it in the cocoaDONE!INGRÉDIENTS:chocolat noir 90gr (une barre 70%)150ml crème entière liquide20gr beurreun vanillela peu de poudre de cacao pour roulerPRÉPARATION:1) faites fondre le chocolat au micro-ondes 2) ajoutez la vanille dans le crème3) introduisez le fluide dans le chocolat et melangez 4) incorporez le beurre et melangez a nouveau5) mettez le mélange dans le frigo (pendant environ 2 heures)6) donnez une forme ronde et roulez dans le cacaovoila! Source: Dasha Karanova @ Youtube.

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