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Eat Fast food and LOSE more weight! 3 recipe: SHAWARMA + BURGER + SANDWICHES PP

More in detail about losing weight, about the right calorie count, about motivation for losing weight, you will find on the channel am stroiney! Good! Lose Weight Delicious! Diet recipes:SHAWARMA WITHOUT the PITA.KBZHU PER 100 GRAMS :142/12/9,6/1,7 THE DIAMETER OF MY PAN 28 CM.WEIGHT SHAWARMA 275 GRAMS.WE NEED TO ADNAUSEUM :Eggs 3 PCs. Salt 1-2 pinches.Ground black pepper 0,3 tsp. Olive oil 2 oz.FOR the FILLING :Chicken (I roasted) 40 gr.Cheese 10 gr.Tomato 50 gr.Onion 10 gr.Cabbage 10 oz.Mustard 0.5 tsp. BURGER WITHOUT BULKING per 100 GRAMS :155/18/7,1/7,2 OF THIS NUMBER of PRODUCTS is OBTAINED 2 BURGER WEIGHING 220 GRAMS EACH.WE will NEED :FOR the BURGERS – BUNS:Chicken fillet (boiled) 100 g.Chicken leg without skin (boiled) 200 gr.Egg 1pc.Salt 0.5 tsp. ground black Pepper 0,3 tsp. cornstarch 30 gr.Thick yogurt 40 gr.Sesame 5 oz.FOR the FILLING :lettuce 2 PCs. Tomatoes 40 gr.Onion 10 gr.Cheese 30 gr.PP-sauce (thick yogurt +mustard, salt) 10 oz.A SANDWICH WITHOUT BREAD.KBZHU PER 100 GRAMS :75/7,7/3,2/5,3 OF THIS NUMBER OF PRODUCTS IS OBTAINED 2 SANDWICH FOR 210 GRAMS EACH.WE NEED :small Zucchini 2 PCs (380 gr.)Salt 0,5 tsp Italian herbs 0.5 tsp. Chicken fillet 100 gr.Ground black pepper 0,3 tsp Tomato 1 piece (80 gr.)Cheese 30 gr.Mustard 0.5 tsp. Diet desserts: PP chicken recipes: healthy snacks: Recipes in a slow cooker: Diet sauce: PP Salads: Diet entrees: Diet recipes fish: Diet Breakfast: Recipes from buckwheat: lose Weight Delicious!: #Jodeemessina #precept #Gudevitsa #Zdorovaemsya Source: Худеем Вкусно! @ Youtube.

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