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ECONOMICAL MENU: NEST of PASTA with MINCED meat. Quick and Tasty! (RECIPE)

#Economioally #of Gnezdishko #of Receptet dish will definitely appeal to kids. Pasta nests with meat look so beautiful and interesting on the plate that I really want to try them. Children this original cook pasta exactly like it. And adults are unlikely to give them a try. The dish is simple, but hearty and delicious. Actually, it is a meatball, wrapped in long noodles and soaked with vegetable sauce. The taste of this dishes are familiar, but look very nice.Ingredients:pasta nests (nests of noodles)- beef or hedgehogs 3 medium луковицы1 average морковь2 tbsp mayonnaise or сметаны1 tsp salt (or to taste)to taste black перец1 liter воды2 tbsp malariathe appetite!!!My mail [email protected]Я in the VC Source: Экономное МЕНЮ @ Youtube.

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