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Egg Soup. Keto diet recipes –

Website: Instagram: free book about KETO diet: the return Home I began to cook more hot liquids, apparently the climate leaves its mark ⠀But since I’m much more lazy and cook soup for 5-6 hours — not my option. My motto—quick, simple, tasty ⠀so hotbikinigirl 4 порции800 ml бульона3 яйца100 grams of onions (don’t like – exclude)1 TB soy sauce (I have a gluten free option. Cm. Gallery)a Couple of green onion, cilantro is also suitable for roasting otlichnaya⠀Onions chop, fry in butter until transparent. Pour in the stock and bring to a boil.To make egg mash with soy sauce. (Not lazy, you can make egg pancakes, and then dissolve them into noodles. But I’m too lazy ))Into the boiling broth pour the eggs they will curdle picturesque flakes.⠀Serve with greens.⠀When tasting it well, sooooo begged teaspoon aromatic sesame oil (it’s due to soy) and I still added it and the soup then turned out with an obvious Asian accent.⠀Ahead of the questions about “can’t fufufu sesame, omega-6 and so on” — if vegetable seed oils predominate in your diet, you do fufufu, and if that occasionally required to taste, you can ⠀Well ❤ I ❤ I ❤ this is not taken out of nowhere — this simple action. Click on ❤I ❤I ❤it’s amazing Source: HappyKeto @ Youtube.

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