Eggplant salad/ Aubergine/ Eggplant for the winter

salad Recipe of eggplant:the weight of the vegetables specified oceanically – 1 Kharkov – 300гперец red – 500гчеснок – 3-4 subiculum Chile (spicy) – 150 mlakar – 100гсоль – 2 h Laslo vegetable oil refined – 4 St luksus 9% – 3 St lovewe cut at your discretion.Carrot grate, chop the garlic, or skip through the press. Add all the ingredients and put on the small fire, cook until they give juice. Then add the heat and cook for 15 minutes. Spread on banks and sterilize them 10 minutes and roll.Get a delicious sharp-sweet eggplant.All a pleasant appetite!!!Subscribe to my channel: the #of slotsmachines #baklazhannaya #eggplant Source: Beauty Nat @ Youtube.