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Experiment with keto-chocolate | Vlog

the Recipe ↓♥ PERSONAL ADVICE: ➜ ♥ FORUM “LIFE IN KETOSIS”: ➜ Recipe:Bitter: how to make homemade chocolate• cocoa powder: 100 g • butter 50 grams or cocoa butter: 35 gr, 15 gr of butter • Vanilla• sweetener вкусу1. The butter should be cut into pieces and melt in a water bath.2. Put in a saucepan the butter, cocoa and sugar, wait till it boils, and cook another minute, stirring.3. Let cool and pour the mixture over the molds. Leave to harden in the refrigerator.• === Other recommended videos === •► Keto recipes ➜ ♥ FaceBook I ♥ to Ask you a personal question: [email protected]• === My playlists === •► My results on keto ➜ ► What I eat for keto ➜ ► the Theory of keto diet ➜ ► My feelings on keto ➜ ► Problems on keto ➜ ► Keto recipes ➜ #kettiya#ketopine#Esplanadnaya #giraffedata Source: Елена Фазлеева @ Youtube.

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