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Exquisite French delicacy onion soup – Cooking 360!

Onion soup — a rich and vibrant dish of French cuisine. Hearty, flavorful, with crispy croutons and a light cheese crust on top… who could resist such a dinner? How to cook this delicious dish at home — to understand the recipe from Anna Semenova.Interesting facts:the Modern version of onion soup appeared in the XVII—XVIII centuries In onions and watermelon — the same amount of sugar.First onion soup made Roman legionaries.Ingredients:onions — 6 PCs;starch — ½ tsp;olive oil — 4 tbsp;dry white wine — 2 tbsp;water — 2 tbsp;cheese varieties 100 g;Baget — 1 piece;salt, pepper, sugar — to taste.Recipe:1. Take 6 medium onions, peeled. Cut into half rings.2. In a saucepan with a thick bottom, pour 4 tablespoons of olive oil and onion karamelizuem 30 minutes on medium heat.3. Pour it in the pan with roasted onions 2 cups dry white wine and the same amount of water. Then dilute with half a teaspoon of starch in 50 ml water and also added to the pot. Pepper, salt, add sugar to taste. Leave on low heat.4. Fry croutons of French baguette and grate the cheese.5. Ready soup poured into a ramekin, put on top of toast and sprinkle with cheese.6. Bake the soup in the oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes until the surface forms a delicious cheese crust.Bon appetit!Subscribe to the channel 360: #360новости #lukovych #bledisloe #Вкусно360Подпишись us:✅FB – ✅V – ✅OK – ✅Telegram – ✅Twitter ✅Instagram – Source: Телеканал 360 @ Youtube.

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