Fill the pie with apricots. Very tasty and simple recipe!

Fill the pie with apricots baking bright flight menu. Add its mint, slices of ice cream or hot cocoa still tastes better can not be.Ingredientthis any fat content of 1 Cup;flour – 1 Cup;eggs – 2 PCs;sugar- 180-200 g;vanilla sugar – 1 packet;butter – 50 g;fresh apricots – 8-12 fruits medium size;baking soda – 1/2 teaspoon;sugar powder – 1/2 tablespoon.#salinospora #pinagsasasabi #salinosporamide #bistryonok #perognathinae #gotowindow #gotovimsia #gotovimsya #recipes #maquina #рецептзаливногопирогаПриготовление read here be Sure to like and subscribe to our channel. Bon appetit!We in social networks: Vkontakte: Odnoklassniki: Our website: click the active link to our website where you will find many more tasty photos and recipes learn what to cook for your loved ones!MY DELICIOUS food is a cooking channel with a simple, delicious and quick recipes that you can easily replicate at home! On our channel you will find a large number of recipes are simple, casual and popular, which will help to diversify your daily and festive menu. Our recipes are always tasty, beautiful, original and prepared with simple ingredients that you can buy in any store. In MY TASTY KITCHEN you’ll find everything: Snacks, Salads with mayonnaise and Salads without mayonnaise, Pancakes classic Pancakes without flour and eggs, Dumplings, Pastries, Cake, Easter, Cheese cakes, cheesecakes, cottage Cheese casserole, pancakes, Soups, Meat, Poultry, Fish, Seafood, PP, Meatless recipes, Cakes, Desserts, Napoleon and honey cake, bird milk, the cake, the Recipes are no-bake, quick recipes, and Recipes in 15 minutes. And many other recipes you will find on MY DELICIOUS CUISINE. The website and channel MY KITCHEN’s favorite recipes: tasty, easy, homey! Source: МОЯ ВКУСНАЯ КУХНЯ @ Youtube.