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Fish fish soup saury canned recipe videos

Hello my dear friends! Cook fish soup from canned food. To prepare the soup, we bought canned. Recipe:Canned sardine: 1 Stokely bulb: 1 Shtukaturov: 1 stockcartoon: 3 stukeley sheet 2 stokesay by: vkusnatina to cook.Put in a saucepan water to boil. Cut the onion into small cubes.Add peeled, sliced potatoes in boiling water.Cut the carrot strips.Open the cans and put the fish pieces in a plate and mash with a fork.When the potatoes are already half-ready, add salt, add carrots.Cover with a lid cook almost to readiness of a potato.Omit the onion, then fish. Vegetables are almost ready, left to boil for about 8-10 minutes.Good nourishing fish soup is obtained, add the Bay leaves, add salt if necessary.Delicious ear is ready, Bon appetit! Source: КакЕстьТакЕсть @ Youtube.

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