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Hello dear friends! Thank you for come to my channel and for your comments!!! How to turn an ordinary lunch into a FESTIVE table?I suggest You make several varieties rabiza once.In this video you will see an example quick cooking two types of fish and squid. Fish can be fried without oil, add it at the end of cooking. And the pre-squid needs to be cooked in salted water and let them cool in the same water without removing.Then roll them in beaten eggs, then breadcrumbs and fry in a well heated fryer with two sides.Serve with rice, potatoes, pasta or vegetables. BON APPÉTIT! PUT LIKE and SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL PRESS the BELL to be the FIRST to RECEIVE notifications of NEW RECIPES!!! ✔This is even more appetizer recipes, see this playlist ✔app dessert Recipes see here ✔app Recipes of fish dishes ✔app Recipes second courses, see the talks of #of rimnoabant #tuna #squid #cod #rebuild #kokryatskaya #vkusnyatina #Sora Source: КУХНЯ с Еленой Зорья @ Youtube.

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