October 20, 2017

Flip-Pal Software 2 Update to version 2.0.0 — NEW as of March 20, 2013

This morning was the day to update my Flip-Pal software to the new version 2.0.0 and it couldn’t have been easier. My computer doesn’t happen to have a SD memory card slot, but I do have a card reader, so I was able to use that to get the latest version. Read below to see what’s new in the software:

  • Flip-Pal Software 2 comes with a new, intuitive interface with web-like navigation.
  • When customers use the EasyStitch software to “stitch” scans of large originals, they will appreciate that the scans to be stitched, as well as the final stitched images, are larger and easier to view.
  • Scans can easily be shared and uploaded to the web—and the new “Community” page allows users to connect with other Flip-Pal mobile scanner owners, partners, videos and more.
  • Users can easily get the latest changes in Flip-Pal tools and software with a single button.

Once the new file was downloaded to my desktop, I was able to click on it, choose RUN and then upload it to my chosen file location which was my SD card in the reader. That updated the software, and now when I insert the SD card into my Flip-Pal mobile scanner it will be all up to date. (Just for good measure, I put in new AA batteries too). If you don’t already have a Flip-Pal mobile scanner, this live link will take you to the site where you can purchase one. Or, click on the logo at the top of this article.

Update information from: Flip-Pal Customer Support

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