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Focacia, cooking recipe, easy Italian recipe.

#of focacia#italianstallion#delicious:this recipe focacha very tasty,easy to prepare,even those who are not friends with the baking:recipe:290 water warm,yeast dry 7,10 sugar,7 salt,400 flour,30 olive oil to the dough and sprinkle with 30 and hands to grease,salt large sprinkle top of dough,fresh rosemary or Italian dry herb seasoning.Sift flour and add dry yeast,salt,sugar mix well and pour warm water,just use a wooden spoon to mix.Then add olive oil and knead for 4 minutes,I just mixed until uniform dough.Cover with plastic wrap for 30 minutes.Lubricate your hands with olive oil and fold the dough in an envelope,leave again for 30 minutes. To prepare the pan,grease well with olive oil,put the dough and fold in envelope,leave on for 30 minutes. To do the same again,then lubricate your hands with olive oil and stretch it on a baking sheet pushing fingers making holes,sprinkle with olive oil,sprinkle with a little coarse salt and sprinkle with herbs or fresh rosemary,allow to come 40 minutes covering the film. Oven pre-heated to 190-200 degrees.We put our dough for 25 minutes,look at the properties of your oven. Remove from the oven and enjoy the delicious focacia.This dough is perfect for pizza,be sure to leave a note of the recipe.Bon appetit! Raduyte their loved ones delicious and healthy food. I would be glad if You will like the recipe. Source: Надежда Логвин @ Youtube.

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