July 23, 2017

Followup On Recorded Ancestor Post

After I posted Your Ancestor Might Have Been Recorded On Tape I got a reply from my local library via email saying the particular manuscript and audio recording wasn’t something the Oregon Historical Society loaned out. I was kind of expecting that, considering the fragility of the records.

What I was told I could do is to contact the Society directly and ask for a copy of the audio tape and a transcript of it as well; and as for the William Livingston Holmes documents, I will have to think about what I might want out of them, if anything.

In order to get any of the records it will cost me some money, which I will have to budget for over time.  At least I know where the records are, and that I will be able to get them if necessary. I’ll have to make sure I put it in my “to do” list. It’s already a pretty long list. 🙂

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