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FOR BREAD in the store do NOT GO!!! Quick Cakes ON KEFIR

These #cakes are great instead of bread as a yummy snack or Breakfast . They can be fried in a pan or bake in the oven. It is very tasty!!! I recommend to cook and taste! Recipe below in the description under the video. And Playlists with Other Recipes on My Channel!***********************************************ON MY CHANNEL THERE ARE MANY MORE DELICIOUS RECIPES. SUBSCRIBE: ♥♥ Thanks for Like and subscribing to my channel ♥ ♥Ingredients:cottage cheese (I 5%) 180 200 gsir solid Zeleny onion 1/2 pocosol and spices vkusnatina 2 stefer (I have 2.5%) 200 mlaka 350 g (+-)soda 1 tsp+ oil for archipelago appetite!⭐ See my other video recipes (YouTube Playlists) I main dishes: Delicious Breakfast Sandwiches and snacks: salad Recipes: Plain cake recipes: #cakes #lepeschinskaya #recipe #receptionservice #bread #lepeshinskogo #lepesqueux #Lepeshkina #nasalcavity #bestreitet #Breakfast #snack Source: Очень Вкусно! @ Youtube.

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