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Found the exact recipe for salad Olivier

Subscribe to the channel!For those who categorically opposed to innovation, preferring the original, we offer a real traditional French recipe of salad from the Creator of this festive meal — Lucien Olivier.According to some, Olivier’s name was Nicholas, not Lucien. And it is believed that not even he, the author of “Russian salad” (so called this dish outside of Russia). In the Internet you can find contains the recipe for this salad the edition of 1880. That is a book published three years before the death of the famous Moscow Olivier, who was the owner of the restaurant “Hermitage”. But that’s not the point.Nearly 140 years is an indispensable dish on the new year’s holiday table. So, here’s the recipe the “right” Olivier. Source: Микаел Иванов @ Youtube.

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