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an Unusual BREAKFAST. The recipe is the BOMB__________________________________DEAR FRIENDS, All huge greetings!!! To welcome You All on my YOUTUBE channel!!! Want to explain to his team members on his own COOKING CHANNEL I publish unusual tasty Recipes, meals, snacks, salads from around the World.Subscribe to my channel, I’m really interested in Your opinion on the water of my sub-specialties.WRITE, SHARE YOUR CULINARY SKILLS WITH REVIEWS, RECIPES AND MY OPINION.Sincerely prepare the Furkat ___________________________________.#OTPISYVAETSYA#Sastry #oil #onion #of ayso #hot #kasamara #green #francuzskiy#silesaurus #Skovorodka___________________________________My Instagram “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””” Recently OPUBLIKOVANO””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””▶️ – FRIED fish CARP recipe JEWISH (BUKHARIAN) | QOVURILGAN SAZAN BALIQ ▶ APP – KAZAN KEBAB ROOSTER (chicken) at BUKHARA | A to z | QOZON KABOB | KABOB TOVUQLI QOZON ▶ I – Pilaf OSHI SOPHIE in BUKHARA from A to z | UKTAM AKA the CHEF | OSHI Plov SOFI po BUXARSKIY | AKA UKTAM ▶ this is a Real BUKHARA PLOV made of DEVZIRA RICE | DEVZIRA palov, OSH guruchidan DEVZIRA PALOV ▶ APP – UZBEK TRANSPARENT shurpa (SOUP) at BUKHARA | A to z | Hom SHURBO | BUXOROCHA SHURBO TAYYORLASH ▶ I – Teschin language EGGPLANT ROLLS in BUKHARA (breaks into CHEERS) | BAQLAJONLI RULET | EGGPLANT ▶ I – SHAKSHOUKA – a Royal BREAKFAST, | the TRICK is in the SIMPLICITY | OSON USULDA SHAKSHUKA TAYYORLASH __________________________________▶️ – the secret got out PIZZA. NEIGHBORS in SHOCK | don’t BELIEVE look to the END| PIZZA | PITSA Oson TAYYORLASH ▶ app – Uzbek SAMSA CAULDRON of FURKAT !!! | Qozon SAMSA oson usulda tayyorlash ▶ this CRISPY PANCAKE from FURQAT | CRUNCHES like potato CHIPS LAY’s | OGIZDA ERIYDIGON KOTLETLAR __________________________________▶️ – cottage CHEESE fruit PIE with WALNUTS in FURKAT | OGIZDA ERIYDIGAN MEVALI TVOROJNI PIROG _________________________________▶️ – SUPER POWERFUL CHINESE APPETIZER at FURQAT | Qovurilgan juda mazali BAQLAJON ________________________________▶️ – the Recipe THAT BLEW up the Internet | FRENCH CHEESE French TOAST | JUDA MAZALI SIRLIK GRENKILAR ▶ THIS TURKISH KEBAB SAMOSA | soft, TENDER, super JUICY shish kebab SAMSA | SAMSA Oson shashlik tayyorlash _________________________________▶️ – Super juicy TURKISH ROLL (omelet) for BREAKFAST at Furqat | juda mazzali TURKCHA RULET _________________________________▶️ – DEPART from the TABLE a BANG | CAUCASIAN HYCHINY with CHEESE | MAZZALI va juda oson SIRLIK QATLAMALAT _________________________________▶️ – No one did not EXPECT tokogo RESULT | KABOB in BUKHARA on slow cooker from FURQAT | juda MAZZALI KABOB ________________________________▶️ – BEEF TONGUE. Arabic the SECRET to delicious BEEF TONGUE | tez va oson MOL TILINI tayyorlash Source: готовим у Фурката @ Youtube.

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