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French cheese bread WITHOUT the HASSLE

Want to prepare a simple and delicious bread without leaven? Today Priprava Club will show you how to cook French cheese bread. It is fragrant, delicious and very soft.SEE ALSO:Prepare corn bread with additives in the oven How to cook dumplings with garlic for borscht How to prepare the buns for Burger Flatbread tortilla. How to cook cakes in a frying pan INGREDIENTS:• 25 g fresh yeast;• ½ tsp. salt;• 1 tsp sugar• 220 ml water;• 1 tbsp olive oil• 450 g flour;• 150 g сыраPriprava Club – spice channel with spice ★Recipes of different dishes★Recipes for quick rukoma on the Internet:➧ the Website ➧ Vkontakte Matching Classmates ➧ Pinterest ➧ Instagram ➧ Yandex Zen Our channel: #domashnie #francuzskii #sernyl Source: Priprava Club – кулинарный канал с перчинкой @ Youtube.

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