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French quiche with ham and cheese |How to cook recipe of sweet potato pie in the oven.

French pie (quiche with ham and cheese) — We will tell you how to cook, the recipe is a classic sweet potato pie in the oven. The combination of flavors of the ham and cheese make the cake tender. In many ways, the quality of food depends on milk and eggs: they give the filling an appropriate viscosity. Cooking quiche with ham and cheese takes a minimum amount of time every housewife. Especially for vegetarians it will have to taste. Be sure to try, the recipe for this cake!Recipe: butter-30 grams, bread crumbs -3 tablespoons of the potato-5 pieces, vegetable oil-2 table spoon, tomato-1 piece ham-150 gr cheese-150 grams, green onion-1 bunch, eggs-5 pieces milk-200 ml, dried garlic-1 teaspoon, salt and pepper to taste.Hello!Welcome to my author, “food network “”Time to cook with Oksana hero” a channel dedicated to the homemade cuisine. All the recipes from simple and affordable products and repeatedly “rolled” me. Below You will find links to my other sites and social.networks. Come to visit me, subscribe to the mailing list, write reviews and comments I will be very glad.Oksana Hero. Email for communication – [email protected]Мой PayPal: [email protected]Присоединяйтесь to my group in facebook to promote their recipes- ******************************************************************** subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to click on the bell!***************************************************** JOIN IN the SOCIAL Cetagandans Zen: My VK group: My group in Facebook: : : Cooking channel”a Time to cook with Oksana hero”#French #cake #cook #recipe #oven #quiche #cheese #French #kitchen #potatoes #ham Source: Время готовить с Оксаной Богатырь! @ Youtube.

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