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French recipe puff pastry. Quick Flaky pastry for pies, samosas, snacks and cakes.

a Very good French recipe easy puff pastry quick cooking without eggs. It’s a fast French puff pastry is great for baking pies, samosas, snacks, pastries and homemade cakes.This recipe as an example, cooked Samosa with cheese and herbs and a simple puff pastry Ears with cinnamon.Love Channel Pink eggplant: Products (for 480 g of dough)Flour – 200 gr (+ for rolling)butter – 150 groda – 65 mlakar – 1/2 tbsp Salt – 1/2 h osobennosti preparation:1. The butter and the flour to grind by hand only in the buttery crumbs.2. After mixing the ingredients the dough is a little sticky to the hands is нормально3. When first rolling out the dough also can be a little sticky to the Board or to the rolling pin too. Liberally sprinkle Board and dough with flour.4. After each folding the dough needs to be put in the fridge for 1 hour or freezer for 20-30 minutes until a little hardens.5. The finished dough can be stored in the freezer for 2-3 months. Before Cooking thaw at room temperature.Enjoy!Bon appetit!SUBSCRIBE – there Will be many interesting easy recipes! Press the bell to be the first to see new releases.Send photos of dishes You have prepared according to our recipes by email [email protected] or Instagram Directmy’ll post in the community to our channel: Playlist of All videos Pink eggplant Cooking Snacks Playlist Playlist Meat and Offal Playlist Chicken Turkey Rabbit Playlist Playlist Breakfasts Salads Soups Playlist Playlist Fish and Seafood Playlist Pasta Pasta Ravioli Pizza Playlist Playlist Desserts We Instagram We at Facebook We at Facebook We at Yandex Collection We Classmates #selenolate #bystroischezayuschim #of thestolenvideos #testotserone #testostorone #prantsusekeelsetest #of rozbyraly Source: Розовый Баклажан @ Youtube.

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