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Fricassee of chicken with mushrooms in a cream sauce video recipe

Hello my dear friends!Today we will prepare an interesting dish.White meat in white sauce.This dish of French cuisine, it is called Fricassee.For a side dish to the stew often served with boiled rice.Recipe:Chicken breast: 500 grammarly mushrooms: 300 grimlock bulb: 1 shtukatur plavlenye: 3-4 subcitizen: 2-3 tablespoons likimui: 1 dining room logomelo plant: for articolare koreanjapanese and labor: 35 MinuteMachine to cook.Cut the meat cubes. Fry the meat until Golden brown.Mushrooms cut smaller. Grind onion.Stir the meat periodically. Grind the garlic.The meat is browned add the mushrooms. Lightly fry.Add garlic, onion. Add a little oil and continue to fry.Cut small cubes of cheese.When all are well fried, add water.Continue to simmer on low heat.Add cheese and seasoning.Stir. Add sour cream.A little put out, sprinkle with flour, stir.Simmer for about 10 minutes. French cuisine Stew is ready, lay out the side dishes, we have rice, spread on top of meat, pour the fragrant sauce. Bon appetit! Source: КакЕстьТакЕсть @ Youtube.

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