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FRIED CHEESE IN PASTRY | Delicious recipe of the Greek kitchen

Fried feta with honey and sesame seeds – this is insanely #delicious treats which can be enjoyed after a meal in a Greek restaurant. #Feta cheese is combined with honey, so the result is that literally melts in your mouth. Be sure to try! #To cook a gourmet meal at home is very simple.For 6 sheets of dough● 750 g flour ● 100 grams of olive oil● 2 tbsp vinegar● 1 ½ tsp salt● 340 g of warm water (approximate + -)● a little extra flour for rolling● feta Cheese 600 g● Honey ● Sesame seeds*********************************************************JOIN: Z E N. Y A N D E X K O N T A K T E D N O K l A S S N I K I I N S T A G R A M O O K P A D to subscribe to My youtube affiliate appreciates,it’s a great partnerdirectory HERE▶Contacts:Cooperation and advertising [email protected]********************************************************* Source: КУЛИНАРИЯ С ЛЮБОВЬЮ @ Youtube.

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