Fritters of zucchini with cheese “quick Breakfast” | Breakfast Recipes |

pancakes made of zucchini with cheese structuration and save the recipe of the delicious Breakfast you Need:— 1 zucchini;— 1 egg;— 3 tbsp of flour;— 4 tbsp of almond petals;— salt;— olive oil;— cheese “quick Breakfast”.Cooking: zucchini grate on a coarse grater, add the almond petals, egg, flour and salt;— mix well and fry the pancakes on medium heat on both sides until Golden brown;— served with olive oil and cheese “quick Breakfast”, you can add freshly ground pepper and Voila! Ideal for those who love savory breakfasts Enjoy! And remember about thanks Gleb Source: Gorshkov life @ Youtube.