July 22, 2017

From Radios To Plasma TV’s

In my recent family generations we’ve certainly come a long way from only having access to radios to current generations who have  plasma tv.  It’s quite a leap in technology in just the last 100 years, isn’t it?

Grandpa grew up with just the family radio for news and entertainment.  As I write this, his great great grandchildren are sitting here in their living room watching any show on the TV they choose to see.  Even at our house we have all sorts of gizmos to entertain us.  A few years ago when our old TV died we did a lot of research on brands, including Samsung televisions, and ended up buying one of that brand that suited our needs.

By the time my grandpa Will Yates passed away he had his own house with his own TV in his own room.  He could watch baseball games on his little TV by moving really close to it so he could see the action.  My dad, Gale Yates lived to age seventy-six and by that time he’d moved into the remote control and VCR age.  He started out with a “remote” that connected to the TV with a wire, and then eventually to a cordless. Still, the TV’s were big, bulky and took up a lot of room.

Our Samsung TV is only 42 inches wide, but just a few inches thick too. It’s lightweight to handle and has a great picture.  While ours isn’t plasma, I am impressed by the picture quality and ease of use for our model.  I can guarantee that my grandpa and my dad would have loved our TV.  Are your family members quick to accept new technology too?



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