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FRUIT SALAD WITH STRAWBERRIES, BANANAS AND CASHEW NUTS. INDIAN RECIPE of FRUIT SALAD RAITA Hello friends. Today we will make Indian fruit salad. It’s called “WRIGHT”. At the core of the lettuce are favorite berries or fruits, and nuts. Today we will prepare a salad in the cheese and the condensed milk. A dietary option: yogurt with sugar or natural sweeteners. You can decorate the finished dessert with berries. And almond shavings, and in such a beautiful form to apply for a holiday or family table. INGREDIENTS: frozen yogurt 0.5 ml condensed milk 100 ml the grapes Kish Mish 200g strawberries 200g banana 1 large or 2 small cashews 50mg vanillin or cardamom, for a special Oriental flavor your Friends, subscribe to our channel to be updated on new interesting video. PREPARATION: Separate the grapes from the twigs and cut in half. In this dish we cut the fruits into pieces to yogurt was soaked with their juice and aroma. That is why we do not leave the components of the salad intact.Strawberry is detachable from the stems. Now, when the strawberry season, you can often do these salads. After all, they are vitamins and delicious! Cut strawberries in half or into several pieces if the berries are large.Then grind the bananas. Cashew nuts, cut or crumble into several pieces each cookie. And now the best part of our meeting: we connect all of our delicious flavored ingredients: bananas, strawberries, grapes and nuts. Add 50-100g of condensed milk or to Your taste. Pour 0.5 ml of sour milk. Add the vanilla Practica. In India Wright added powdered cardamom; at the moment of the cardamom I had, I added the vanilla, for a light Eastern accent. All carefully mix. We had a very nice fruit salad. Delicate aroma of vanilla and strawberries, the pulp of bananas and sliced grapes in a milky-creamy filling – it looks delicious! Dessert can be in a beautiful bowl and in the glass. You can decorate the finished dish with berries and mint leaves, I will also decorate the top with almond flakes. You can replace the strawberries, raspberries, and banana with the peach, improvise. Fermented baked milk you can substitute low-fat yogurt. Thank You for being with me, put like if You enjoyed the video. Write in the comments what ingredients could make a fruit salad YOU. All Bon appetit, and see you soon. New videos on the channel every day. My profile in Instagram Group on Facebook Group OK FRUIT SALAD WITH STRAWBERRIES, BANANAS AND CASHEW NUTS. INDIAN RECIPE of FRUIT SALAD WRIGHT subscribe to the channel: Link to this video: Source: Ленка Пенка @ Youtube.

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