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Garlic bread – keto recipe.Low-carb garlic bread. Keto diet.

Garlic bread – keto recipe. Low-carb garlic bread. Keto diet.Garlic bread was very tasty! It is possible to make bread without the garlic. Keto bread can be eaten as a sandwich or make a hamburger. Bread in all ways very tasty.Pleasant appetite!1 Cup grated mozzarella( I have a 125g.)1/2 Cup finely ground almond flour( 2 tbsp+ 1tbsp.l. any other flour)2 tablespoons butter сыра1 tablespoon garlic порошка1 teaspoon разрыхлителя1/4 teaspoon salt (optional)1 large яйцо1 tablespoon of butter, растопленного1 garlic clove, рубленый1 tablespoon fresh петрушки1 tablespoon of fresh grated Parmesan.View more bread recipes: ://…Для Breakfast; ://… Source: Rosa Miller @ Youtube.

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