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GASTRITIS OF THE STOMACH. Diagnosis. Diet. Recipes of traditional medicine

GASTRITIS of the STOMACH To be able to help themselves we all should be familiar with the functional principles of our internal organs and systems, and according to the theme of our conversation, we denote the main functions of the stomach: it is a meal coming from the esophagus; the gastric juice, is intended for the primary breakdown of the food mass; mechanical processing of the food mass due to the reduction of the walls; the absorption of certain essential body substances; the transfer of the processed food mass in the small intestine. All of these functions rely on the stomach wall. They have a muscular base and can be widely stretched, in that case, if food quite a lot. However, the functions of gastric juice secretion are imposed on the inner layer of the walls of their mucosa. The gastric juice consists of components such as pepsin, gastrin and lipase, however, the most important component is hydrochloric acid. Of course in chemistry it is well known that this acid is among the strongest. However, the stomach walls are arranged so that they are not corroded with hydrochloric acid. The greatest part of the acid secreted in the upper part of the stomach is in the body of the stomach. Closer to the duodenum, part small intestine, the environment of the stomach neutral. In some circumstances, however, the mucous membrane ceases to perform its functions fully or inflamed. A similar disease is called gastritis. Gastritis in one form or another affects up to 50% of people in developed countries. 80% of all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are gastritis. In most cases the patients are adults, but now it’s not uncommon for the disease occurring in children. The VIDEO IS ABOUT HEALTH AND NOT ONLY THAT – OUR CHANNELS :JOIN ME on the channel “KIND of CONVERSATION ABOUT HEALTH” on Facebook: VK: Odnoklassniki: Subscribe to the channel “In harmony with the Universe” – are you a professional juggling, cosmolog, esoteric and spiritual healer Alexander Babayan and well-known astrologer and parapsychologist Anna Falileeva – Horoscopes. Astrological forecasts – JOIN ANNA AND Alexandroni channel “IN harmony WITH the UNIVERSE”Astrology.Spirituality.Psychology.Healing on Facebook: ://…в VK: ://в Classmates: Attention!The treatment of any disease can be effective only if accurately diagnosed, it is considered the existing complications and contraindications. Application of methods of folk medicine does not exclude, but in complicated and advanced cases of certain diseases should be combined with classical methods of treatment, seek treatment in the official health authorities and having a medical qualification professionals. All information and materials used in the video, it does not have official status and are available for review and private prophylactic use on the basis of open source information – variety of literature on folk medicine as well as years of personal experience of application of methods of treatment folk remedies. Source: Марина Фалалеева @ Youtube.

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