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German sausages on the grill and potato salad

pre – order the book- Meeting in Moscow: a book exhibition at ENEA 6.09 (evening), 9.09, 19:00 Read-in (sec European), 10.09, 18:30 Biblio-Globosport pork (75% shoulder, 25% brisket) 1кгСоль cook 20гСахар brown 5гЧили pepper 2штЧеснок 1 tooth.Cilantro 1 Puig.Lemon (peel) 1штЛайм (peel) 1штСок 1 lemon+Marjoram dry. 3G/1кгилиЭстрагон dry. 3G/1кгСалат potato:Fries otvarennuyu recatalogue marinovannye cooked cochenillifera oil olivaceus calendarize was Sladkaya pepper clear from the seeds, finely chop garlic and cilantro. Add to the mince, cooled to -2..+2 degrees Celsius. Grate the zest of lemon and lime, add salt, sugar, lemon juice, mix until smooth. Divide the stuffing into two parts, to one add marjoram, tarragon to another. Mix well. Stuff sausage in natural lamb to cerevo caliber 18-26mm twist on 7-9cm. Leave in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes. Bake on indirect heat (or in the oven at 190-200 degrees) for 10-15 minutes.Salad: cut onion into strips, add marinade from the cucumbers, a little onion mash, leave to marinate for 20-30 minutes. Potatoes cut into large cubes, cucumber slices, mix. Chop bacon, fry until Browning, add the potatoes. Squeeze the onion, add to potatoes. To the marinade (1 part) and add the olive oil (3-4 pieces), mix, season the salad, add the parsley.Be sure to go to the playlists of the channel – there you will find the sauce for the Caesar salad and the Caesar salad, where you can find the recipe of something tasty for dinner in the playlist “Salads” is (who would have thought) delicious salads in the playlist “Soups” you will find the excellent Ukrainian borsch recipe, absolutely stunning cream-soup with champignons in playlist Pasta is a very simple recipes – pasta Carbonara, pasta marinara, pasta with mushroom and cream sauce and a wonderful Italian lasagna with Bolognese and Bechamel. Scoop piles of these clips – you will love it! COOLинарная PROпаганда in social networks:Vkontakte – Classmates – + License Creative Sommerpreise “German sausages on the grill and potato salad” created by the author named Dmitry, Fresco, published under license “Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs” (“Attribution — noncommercial — No derivative works”) 3.0 Unported license.Based on the work Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at fresco.espan @ gmail dot com.The piece used music from the official the youtube library Source: COOLинарная ПРОпаганда @ Youtube.

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