Gluten-free brownie with sorbet | Exceptional food

Prepare gluten-free brownie with sorbet. Ingredients, method of preparation, step by step recipe: subscribe to EATING: the Full version of the program “Exceptional food” on About the recipe:Want to prepare tender, moist, the greatest chocolate brownie, but without the gluten? Easy! By the way, if you serve brownies with a scoop of sorbet, that’s the bomb!About the project:Exceptional food is available, from which unwanted components are excluded. Well, almost eliminated. For someone unwanted gluten, and for some people lactose or sucrose. Dietary restrictions are different, but that is no reason to suffer. Now you will be able to answer the question: can useful be delicious? Leading Julia Makienko knows how to cook special desserts and pastries, she creatively recycles the familiar recipes and generously shares his findings. Carrot cake, cheesecakes with ricotta and rice flour, cereal bar and even a special cheesecake, which she calls Yulia the intriguing word “cashew-cake”. Look, learn and attain optimum health!Join the “Secret club connoisseurs of food”: Recipes for all occasions, In uniform and without: Grill: Diet recipes: dinner quickly If needed: Roasting in nature!: How can I clean/open/cut into Kitchen applications: the World cook (ethnic food): Meat. From fillet to meat: Unusual recipes: Principles of cooking: Spicy sweet moon and the wind: Bird. From filet to ground beef: Recipes for kids: Fish. From fillet to meat: Sauces: Sweet, baked goods: cheesecakes without complexes: body-the Body-the dough: All recipes, rules of etiquette, helpful tips, cooking tricks, cooking show: Source: Телеканал ЕДА @ Youtube.