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Goulash chicken Tender SIMPLE RECIPE

are now preparing a Tender stew of chicken.This SIMPLE RECIPE will surely please any owner.The dish is prepared using the usual ingredients and the taste and aroma will win the heart of even the pickiest gourmet. The chicken in this recipe can easily be replaced for pork or beef.Try. Hope you enjoy our recipe.#goulash#of receptaculite#carinyena#keprihatinan#chicken#marizarasa#quinaglute#quezadacavazos need:****************************************600-700 G. chicken филе1 large луковица1 large морковь2-3 tbsp tomato пасты1 tsp .сахара100 ml. vegetable malacol,seasonings,herbs,spices—the taste we Hope you have liked??? Then,put the Huskies,subscribe to our channel,press the bell!!!!! BON APPETIT!!!! Source: Вкусно и просто с Кошкиной мамой! Кошкина мама @ Youtube.

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