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Granola / Granola recipe / Homemade granola / cereal / Muesli recipe / How to make muesli

Granola Ingredients:rolled oats – 100 Grigori – 100 melmed (or sugar syrup) – Loda 2 St – 3 St funduk – 20 griseum – 20 gokuraku – 20 grovelea cranberry – 20 grosulovo description of recipe: – in a bowl pour the cereal, add ground hazelnuts (better to take raw), raisins, chopped dried apricots, cranberries, honey, water, mix, spread on a baking sheet and put into the oven for 10 minutes at 175 degrees C, after 10 minutes, stir and again for 10 minutes in the oven (granola should be crispy)- served with yourcomputer appetite!Subscribe to our channel: Karmelitergasse Apple Banana ginger-chocolate caramel Chocolate balls Fruity dessert Banana forest Dessert, bird’s milk Cheese with cereal in cherry sauce Cake without baking Jelly egg Pie oatmeal Hot Fudge sundae Cheesecake dessert with berries Semolina pudding with cocoa and banana Toast in the egg Muffins, cottage cheese with raisins Chocolate Fondant Pancakes Crepe Suzette Apple Pie Lemon pie Dessert Napoleon Dessert of cookies and marshmallow Chocolate ice cream with nuts Muffins with dried fruit Pancake, Coconut biscuits, Pancakes, Tiramisu Truffle candy deep-fried Bananas Fruit salad Fruit hamburger Dessert crepes chocolate Croissant Dessert of waffle cakes Dessert, from cakes layered dessert banana Pancakes with cottage cheese and strawberries Delicious homemade recipes – a channel that will help You to learn how to cook simple and complex meals.Here you will find not only classic recipes from the masters of culinary Affairs, but also home recipes which will easily be able to cook every.The meals cooked by our step-by-step recipes will enhance any holiday or anniversary table.================================================We will be glad!We are in FB We in VK We Twitter Subscribe to our channel: Source: Вкусные Домашние Рецепты @ Youtube.

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