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Granola! Granola!

Crisp and homemade granola will be very simple. Just need to take cereal, your favorite nuts, seeds and dried fruits, a little honey or maple syrup and butter. All the ingredients are properly mixed and baked in the oven. Some half an hour, and you have a delicious Breakfast or snack. Granola better with juice, kefir, yogurt or fruit. The recipe for the granola! Oat flakes 200 grammed 3-4 tbsp (if allergic to honey, maple syrup)Vegetable oil 2 tbsp (I take olive Pure)lemon Juice 1 tbsp Any nuts (chopped), seeds, dried fruits, berries 200 Grumbkova be preheated to 150 C. Oatmeal mix with all seeds, nuts.Add the honey, vegetable oil, lemon juice and knead with a spatula.Lay a big baking tray with baking paper, spread the mixture on a baking sheet and distribute evenly across the surface.To dry the granola in the preheated oven for 30 minutes, stirring them a few times, then chill.Add raisins, berries, and stir again, allow to cool completely and store in a closed container.We added the berries after drying in the oven or they will dry out.Instagram Source: MarmeLAd @ Youtube.

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