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GRANOLA (MUESLI) USEFUL cereal with their hands

Recipe for homemade granola (muesli)Oatmeal long cooking 160g.Raisins 2 tbsp. of logbufinit 5 PCs. dried Apricots 6 PC Banana 1 PC. Cocoa 1 tbsp. laskarakis the 50gr.Cinnamon to taste.Pumpkin seeds 1-2 tbsp (slightly crushed) I forgot to add.Bake at 140-150C for 30 minutes. Before use, I add fresh or frozen berries. The PP recipe candy Chicken Hawaiian Waffles for Breakfast PP Adjara khachapuri PP snack of pita Rustic pie in a slow cooker PP whole wheat bread you can find Me here:instagram instagram creative PP a group of VC you Want to save money on purchases? Then You here My second channel my son On cooperation to contact by email [email protected] Source: Miss Helena @ Youtube.

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