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Greek Salad

Thank you for WATCHING! Thanks for the thumbs UP! !!! READ THE DESCRIPTION !!!Salad recipe:1 огурец1 перец1 medium sweet medium tomato or half a large помидора1/2 medium луковицы50-70 gr. Adyghe cheese(feta, white cheese)dill, Petrokimya olive or vegetable filling samatamason without costadelsol, a mixture of peppers, seasoning oregano – COOK WITH US)))$ You can start EARNING in Youtube on your videos. Join the affiliate program.Here is the Link to apply: Simply CONNECT!!! You will pay no matter what country you live in.Any way: PayPal, Webmoney, money in your Bank account, etc. Source: Готовим Вместе 365DAYS @ Youtube.

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