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Greek salad – Hiking

step-by-Step video recipe a marching version of a Greek salad. The only difference from the classic version – the lack of greenery, and so, it turns out very tasty, especially given the travel conditions in which he was preparing. Step by step, describe the preparation of this Greek salad will not, because it’s simple: chop the vegetables and feta cheese (or fitaki), saut oil, garlic and French herbs, served… For this delicious marching salad you will need: tomatoes – 8 PCs., cucumbers – 5 PCs., bell peppers – 4 PCs., onion – 1 piece, 5 cloves of garlic, a can of black olives, pitted, pack of feta cheese (or fotaxi), the juice from the third part of lemon, French herbs and 1.5 tablespoons, vegetable oil and salt. Also, you can optionally add to dressing 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper. Source: Кулинария для мужчин @ Youtube.

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