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Greek salad

Rate the recipe from 1 to 10 Author @gotovim_s_likoiЧестно you admit, in Moscow restaurants never bought⠀”Greek salad”⠀Only in the Mediterranean or cook at home ⠀Obyknovennoy for him and cut it into large chunks, and olives often put with bone…⠀ onions is better to take the red or the sweet shallot olives I got pitted for convenience, instead of feta cheese you can take fetaksa, or Adyghe cheese (not too salty) at ease I even sprinkled the salad with balsamic vinegar plate for serving salad, you can RUB a clove of garlic ⠀ ➡ it’s amazing Products to a large number of salad:✔ app 4 tomatoes✔ app 1 bell pepper (large)✔ app 2-3 cucumber✔ app 1 onion✔ app 200 gr feta cheese✔ app 150 g olives✔ app 5 tbsp olive oil✔ app 2 tbsp. lemon juice✔ app 1/2 tsp oregano✔ app black pepper✔ this Basil➡ this is a Trade:▪ it’s amazing the Tomatoes to chop coarsely. Cucumber and onion half-rings. Bulgarian pepper – julienne. Feta-diced▪this In a bowl, mix all vegetables, no cheese▪this is to separately mix the olive oil and lemon juice and season the salad▪this Pepper▪now add the oregano, stir▪I carefully put cheese, olives and Basil✅ Ready ✅#salads #salad #salads #salad #recepti_for_inst #gotovimsya #gotovlyu #gotovimsya #of eded #of addsize #of Maeda Source: Recepti_for_inst @ Youtube.

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