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Grilled pork in honey-beer marinade. Pork skewers in beer marinade recipe

Today we are going to cook the pork in honey and beer marinade. The picnic season continues! Lovely warm weather, the sun is shining and it is time to gather in nature. It’s time to stock up on new recipes for delicious skewers of meat. Marinade with beer and honey makes the meat more tender, it emphasizes taste and aroma. Do not worry and do not think that taste is able to deteriorate! All alcoholic the alcohol evaporated during cooking and will remain only a pleasant spice taste. This marinade is welcome as well when marinating beef steaks and pork on the barbecue.Ingredients:Pork – 1.5 khlok onion – 3 PCs. light Beer – 0,5 led liquid – 2 tbsp. paprika – 1 p.m. Chesnok – 4 subcases peppers – 2 tbsp. of lsol – to taste********************************************************************My blog “In search of taste” ********************************************************************I in social networks:Instagram: : : Vkontakte: Odnoklassniki: subscribe to my channel: ********************************************************************Rules of conduct on the channel “COOKING WITH MASHA MAKOVETSKY”:the Main rule – keep a friendly attitude, even if you disagree with me or your friend :)Comments that contain obscene language, rudeness, insults, unsolicited criticism or mockery (even veiled) I have the right to remove without clarifying the circumstances. Let’s respect each other!#ШашлыкИзСвининыВМедовопивномМаринаде #Sheslikethewind #Shashlychnaya #Swinelike #Swinishly #Of Bystryanskaya #Salliquelo #Ashlycatrice #Samaraneftegeofizika #Vkusnyatina #Kebab #Ecprivatekey #Of Receptacle #Of Marinediesels #Cachetest #Cachetexture #Photomineralisation #КакПравильноЖаритьШашлыкНаМангале #Of Receptorand #Capabilitiesit Source: Готовим вместе с Машей Маковецкой @ Youtube.

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