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Hello everyone and a delicious dinner. Rice and chicken – these two are literally made for each other!

khapama is really amazing?))Here I am a few years ago upon discovering the book with Armenian recipes was very surprised)),because he believed that Ghapama is a stuffed pumpkin.))But no,it turns out,this is also the Soups. Preparing for the first time, this recipe is firmly entrenched in our menu. Yes,you can cook like pilaf all together, but this is different – it feels like it’s in the same pan cooked 2 different dishes with meat and tomato flavor and the rice separately on the side. In General, very very tasty! In the original, preparing a dish of lamb or young goat meat,but chicken I like more.))RECIPE:chicken – 1,2-1,3 khlok – 2 small golovkinsky pepper, paprika, savory, salt-of vospominan – 3 PCs (300 g)Water-4 tbsp.—Figure – 2.sunflower oil – 3-5 tbsp (depending on the fat content of meat) or 50-70g butter Maslak the chicken pieces, add roughly chopped onion, quartered tomatoes, season with salt, pepper, savory, stir.To put this mass of refractory in a suitable bowl , cover the pan and turn over to the bowl with the contents ended up in the pot. Or in the center of the pan spread the meat and cover with a bowl. On top put the load, pour boiling water, put on the stove and then simmer on medium heat to cook under a lid for about 30 minutes.After this time the rice to spread around the bowl, add oil, salt.Under the lid over medium heat to bring to readiness, until the rice absorbs all the liquid – about 20 -25 minutes.The bowl gently to pull out and enjoy a tasty, fragrant dish.BON APPETIT!#armianskaia #armjanskaja #hamburgers #rice#chicken #duvodem #tomatoes #armenian #armeniancuisine #armenianfood #armenianstyle #ghapama #rice #chicken #healthyfood #healthy #tomatoes #food#delicious Source: Вкусно с Армушик @ Youtube.

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