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Hemp bread

pie varieties – 350 g Hemp flour 100 grams Wholemeal spelt 50 g Wheat sourdough refreshed – 150 grams ( I have Levito Madre)Honey – 25 grammar – 10 grimwade – 350 plasteline oil – 25 grams********the dough for Bread :Mix hemp and wholemeal flour + 150 sourdough wheat + half the water from the recipe and leave for 3 hours at room temperature to 25 graduatation 25 minutse 1.5 hours – 3 addition testocolonna proving – 8 – 12 hours in holodilnikov:250 degree with steam – минут230 5 degrees – 10 degrees минут180 – 30 minute look at the oven…Baking pan, but the best result is obtained on the baking stone I decided to experiment, although the stone is available…the Bread cool on a latticed and ….Bon appetit!!Time was not wasted and cooked with cheese melted cheese…Oh, and it’s delicious – with his bread and cheese!!! And most importantly pleased that it turned out!!!!Thanks to Anton Eliseev ( channel Farmer knows) for the recipe Hemp seed bread enjoy your meal – bake, create, experiment and do everything with Love and good mood!!!!#hemp sourdough bread#sourdough Source: Готовим с Любовью @ Youtube.

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